Ridiculous Rhyme That Doesn’t Make Sense of the Day 82:  Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues) by Three Dog Night

“Play somethin’ sweet, play somethin’ mellow.  Play somethin’ I can sink my teeth in like Jello.  Play something I can understand.  Play me some Brickyard Blues,”  Three Dog Night, Play Something Sweet (Brickyard Blues)

Three Dog Night is bringing the funk tonight, so play a groove that is thick as hell, like a dessert that is mostly made up of congealed water.  Frozen yogurt has a thicker consistency than jello.  Hell, thinking about sinking my teeth into jello actually makes my teeth hurt because all I can think about is biting the spoon.  This lyric is the dumbest thing Three Dog Night did since the time lead singer Chuck Negron ignored his doctor’s advice and ended up making his penis explode.

Rolling Stones Fridays!!!  Oh No, Not You Again

“Everybody’s talking, showing off their wits.  The moon is yellow but I’m like jello staring down your tits.”  The Rolling Stones, Oh No, Not You Again

I hate it when gelatin desserts stare at my private parts.

Honestly, Mick, it is not helping your image as being old as shit when you compare your self to a dessert that only kids and old people without teeth are really excited about getting.